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Downloaded by over 1 billion people from around the world!
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Khác nhau tùy theo điện thoại
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13 tháng 1, 2021
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Khác nhau tùy theo điện thoại
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Khác nhau tùy theo điện thoại
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Downloaded by over 1 billion people from around the world!
A camera app that lets you be who you really want to be!
Celebrities around the world are using, an essential for selfies.
20 years of devotion to photography technologies, offering you the greatest decorating experience.


[Smooth skin]
Transform your skin to smooth and super soft. Say goodbye to your old self!
[Getting small face]
As great as the works by a Professional beauty doctor. 21 micro adjustment, no trace of PS.

[Shape up your face and body]
Shape up wherever you like, however you want! You can protect the parts you don't want to edit. Becoming beautiful can be so easy.

[One touch beauty]
One tap and your photo becomes something totally different! Forget about troubles. A one touch can really transform you into something so cool.

[Magic sky]
Say goodbye to cloudy sky. Paint the color of sky with your own style. Anime sky, dreamy sky, however you like!
[Make your own style]
Edit your photo like a painting! Use "great artist" filter and anybody can be an artist.
[Anime effect]
Try cartoon filter and make a photo nobody else can do!
[Be the film star]
From cinematic, B&W to color, anything you ask is here. Try our movie filters and be who you wanted to be.

[High quality filter]
300+ filters! We have all you want, from retro, black and white, HDR, lomo, to Hong Kong style!
[Natural Makeup]
Including main and sub, there are over 30 makeup filters! Customize your favorite style and color just the way you like and make your own!
[Cute Sticker]
Super kawaii stickers that even move! With smart face recognition, not only face but also your expression will be captured! You can also play interactively!
[Short movies]
Take 10s~60s short movies! You can freely change your music and enjoy filter and makeup at the same time


[detailed color expressions]
It works really well if you just want to change one color! Make the unique colored photo with DSL.
[Image correctoin]
We support both vertical and horizontal correction. Suitable also when you want to edit photos of buldings! Try it to make vertical and balanced photos.
[Color settings]
13 basic parameters including saturation level, exposure, highlight, shade, layers, color temperature, hue, etc.
[Mix filters]
Over 300 filters can be used partially for photos. Use your imagination.

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