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Hello guys, how are you all, hope you all are well So we bring you a game that can change your luck and your life. We know that all of you are searching on Google how can earn money online even sitting at home. So here we have written a very good and safe game for our siblings. We know that all of you have such a desire that how can we earn money sitting at home? So today we have also brought this game for you 3 Patti Vegas.

3 Patti Vegas APK This is an Android game that you can earn a lot of money online they also sat at home. This is a very easy and simple way to earn real money online. It shows you many ways to earn money for example The first way to earn money in this game is a Referral Link You can earn a lot of money by sharing the Link with social media, friends, and family. There is no hard way to do it, just copy the link and just share it. If someone downloads this game from your referral link and invests more than 200 rupees in this game, you will also get a 50 percent bonus.

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This gives you even more variety of card games. You don’t have to invest much in this game, you just have to deposit at least 100 rupees in this game. Anyone can play this game that too with a guest account and create an account. Registration isn’t very important to playing.

Moreover, you can also claim weekly and daily bonuses from here If you deposit more money here, it will allow you to claim the daily bonus. You don’t need any heavy data or any heavy device to play this game, you can simply run it on your Android mobile.

What is 3 Patti Vegas

3 Patti Vegas online is an unbelievable platform where you can earn real money through online gaming without going out of the house. This is a brand-new game with a fantastic design and user-friendly interface. Within this app, you will find many games to play such as Tiger and Dragon, Fruits Lines, Cards, Mines, Fishing Rush, Poker and BlackJak, Ludo, Roulette or Zoo Roulette, and a lot more games.

Among all these games, Trigon and Dragon is the easiest and most played game. If you start playing it, you will also like it a lot. If you want to earn a lot of money and solve your problems, then definitely download it.

Key Features of 3 Patti Vegas

3 Patti Vegas star has given high-level futures and easy gameplay. If you start using the app you love it. So let’s jump to discover its amazing features.

Graphics and User-friendly interface

The graphics and effect-friendly interface of this game are incredible, it makes you feel better and easier for you to play the game.

Chart Online

Within this feature, you will get an opportunity to chat online, you can chat online with your favorite friend, and that too safely.

Easy to login

In this game you will get two options, the first option is to guest account and create an account. You can log in by clicking on any of these two options

Bonuses and reward

This game gives many bonuses and rewards to its users that too for free. As soon as you log into this game, it gives you a free bonus of Rs.40 to claim. You can start your own game with the money received from these bonuses and rewards.

Ads Free

As you all know when we open any app there are many ads, then our game gets disturbed. This game is free of any kind of ads.

Referral Links

The best feature of this game is that you can give your referral link to your friends and family, this will give you the advantage that if someone downloads the game from your given link, you will get free money.

Additional Features of 3 Patti Vegas

  • Easy to Use
  • Free for Download
  • Safe and secure
  • No errors or Bugs
  • Real Money
  • Regularly Updates

Games in 3 Patti Vegas

3 Patti Vegas offers you a lot of games to play which are like this:

  • Tiger and Dragon
  • Fruits Lines
  • Cards
  • Mines
  • Fishing Rush
  • Poker and BlackJak
  • Ludo
  • Roulette
  • Zoo Roulette
  • and a lot more games.

How to Deposit Money in 3 Patti Vegas?

It is very easy to deposit money in this game, as soon as you open this game, in the first interface, you will get the option of the above plus, click on it, and then you will get two options to deposit money you can deposit it through Easy Passy and JassCash.

As soon as you deposit 100 rupees in this game, it gives you an extra 18 rupees and when you deposit 500 rupees, it gives you extra 58 rupees, and the more money you add to it, it will give you more. Will also give more extra money.

How to Withdraw Money in 3 Patti Vegas

3 Patti Vegas download is straightforward and simple to withdraw money in this game; you don’t have to do any heavy work. As soon as you earn more than 500 rupees in this game, you can withdraw money. You will withdraw your money through EasyPass or JazzCash. Their withdrawal option is very fast, as soon as you withdraw Rs 500, it gets into your account in two or three minutes.

Terms and conditions to withdraw money in 3 Patti Vegas

  • In 3 Patti Vegas Withdraw is applicable any time within 24 hours, and no charges.
  • if the banks handle it smoothly, credit to accounts within 3- 4 Minutes
  • Please confirm the bound withdrawal account information is correct.

They also provide custom support options where you can go and report if your deposited money is not in your account. They will provide 24 hours’ service.

Benefits and Risks of 3 Patti Vegas


The benefits of playing this game are: You can earn a lot of money from home by playing this game. This game is free without any kind of error and any kind of threats. You can play this game freely. This game is safe, secure, and easy to use. If you download this game, you can be sure that the benefits of this game are the benefits of playing.


There is no harm in playing this game, you just have to watch this game and play it calmly, this game may become addictive, so be careful.

How to Download and Install 3 Patti Vegas

Downloading and installing the 3 Patti Vegas game is very easy and simple, just follow our given method or download and install this game, hope our method will work for you.

  • First of all, you have to download this application from our website
  • After downloading you have to open the downloaded file and click on it
  • Now it will give you the option to install, you have to click on the install option
  • As soon as you click the up install button it will show you an interference so you have to open your mobile settings and allow all unknown sources.
  • Now you do this, your application will be fully installed.
  • After all your application is ready to used so start playing this application and earn real money.


In conclusion, let me tell you that this is a great application for Us. This is a real platform for earning real money without wasting time and Money. You can play this from your Android mobile phone. This makes the game-up good and gives you a chance to win. It provides a secure platform where you can go and invest money.

This game is easiest for beginners and old players. You can easily play this game even without much knowledge. The application gives a fair environment for players to play. So download this application from our website and make your life easy and enjoyable …


How to play 3 Patti Vegas with friends online?

To play 3 Patti Vegas with friends is very easy. It is an online game where you can play this game with friends and you can also chat with Friends.

Which is the famous 3 Patti Vegas game?

Among all these games, Trigon and Dragon is the easiest and most played game.

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