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Hello friends, Are you bored staying at home and want to earn real money online? So, Today I will share this fantastic earning APK  3Patti VIP. 3Patti VIP APK is for those people who want to earn real money without leaving home. It is an online platform that lets you earn real money by inviting friends and playing games.

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This app has a wind range of free games such as Rummy, 3patti, Dragon vs Tiger, Zoo Roulette, Poker, 7 Up Down, Car Roulette, Zoo Roulette, and more.  The app provides a free bonus of up to Rs 100 for sharing 3patti VIP with friends and family and it also offers a sign-up bonus of up to Rs 15. 3Patti VIP offers a minimum withdrawal of Rs 100 and the user also recharges a minimum amount of Rs 100.

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 It also gives users fast withdrawal and deposit options and it is accessible to a worldwide range of users. This game offers a wide range of free features for players to enjoy and earn real money.  It is easily downloaded and installed on an Android device. Its playing method is straightforward just create an account and start earning real money.

This game also offers a user-friendly interface and gives impressive graphics. It also provides free rewards and promotions for a user to enhance their gaming experiences. The game is safe and secure for playing and it offers players to chart with opponents in a privet room. So what are you waiting for go to the top of the page and click the download button and start earning real money. 

What is 3Patti VIP APK?

3Patti VIP is an online casino that offers a variety of games such as card games, rummy, and teen patti and allows the user to earn real money. It also gives sing up bonus of Rs 15 and it is a very popular and reliable online game.

 it has incredible graphics and gives a user-friendly interface to the user to enhance their casino experiences. 3Patti VIP offers three options to build an account such as you can use a mobile number, Google login, and Facebook login. This game is downloaded for both Android and iSO devise

Features Of 3Patti VIP

Multiple games mode

VIP Graphics

Safe payments options

Fast withdraw

Sixteen games available for gaming

Real-time multiplayer

VIP Rewards

Safe and secure gameplay

Games In 3Patti VIP

If you Download 3patti you will have access to sixteen different types of VIP games in this application. These are like this :

3Patti Vip Games
  • Rummy
  • 3patti,
  • Dragon vs Tiger
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Poker
  • 7 Up Down
  • Car Roulette
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Black Jack
  • Fishing line
  • 10 cards
  • Baccarat
  • Ludo
  • Icc T20
  • Ander Bahar

How to Download and Install 3Patti VIP

 3Patti VIP is easily Downloaded and installed on any Android and iOS device. To download and install follow the step-by-step guide. These are like this :

3Patti Vip Download image
  • Go to the website  and click the download safe file
  • Then open your mobile and find the downloaded file
  • Now click the install button
  • One’s installation complete open 3Patti
  • Open 3Patti VIP and follow the screen instructions to create an account
  • After installation, you are ready to play 3Patti
  • Now open the game start playing 3Patti and enjoy it!


Overall, 3Patti VIP is the best and easiest way to earn real money. It is a newly launched 3Patti game and offers various games to play. They provide a wide range of games providing more opportunities to earn real money. The app also offers bonuses and rewards for inviting friends.

This game also offers a user-friendly interface and amazing graphics to enhance gaming experiences. The game also offers 20 different types of games for players to earn more and more money. The minimum amount of withdrawal is Rs 100 and the deposit amount minimum is Rs 100.

The app offers the fastest withdraw and deposit options and it is accessible to a worldwide range of users. 

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Lastly, I want to share that download 3Patti VIP and earn more and more money and fulfill your dreams.  (Peace)

Thank you for being so supportive of the website.

Thanks and good Luck!

3Patti VIP FAQs

1: How many games are in 3Patii VIP?

Ans:  3Patti has sixteen different types of games to play.

2: How to download 3Patti VIP?

ANS: 3Patti is easily downloaded and installed on Android and iOS devices. The size of this application is 53.2 MB it’s not much.

3: Is 3 Patti VIP safe and secure?

Ans: 3Patti is a 100% safe and secure game to play online because the 3Patti game application is Taurus Vungo APK and has undergone extensive testing.

4: Where can I find the 3Patti VIP APK?

Ans: Go to the website then you can find the safe and secure download link.

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